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Points of Interest.

1. Points of Interest

1.1. Basics


What is a POI (Point of Interest)?

A POI is a dot on the map. It has a title and can have a description. I marks an important place.

How do I add a POI at specific coordinates?

First Search for the coordinates in the app using the search tab (in green bar). Then drop the POI onto the map at those coordinates


1.2. Management of POIs


Why can't I see POIs via the website?

The website only supports routes and tracks and not POIs. POis must be managed on the device.

How do manage large numbers of POIs?

You must group your POIs into sets. Save each set to a .GPX files so that it can be imported and export on a single device or many. Work on one set at a time in the app. When finished with a set, save to .GPX, delete, then import the next set.