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FAQ Routes

Get the app to navigate you along a route guide.

1. Routes

1.1. Basics


What is a route?

A route guide is a line shown on the map. It is a plan of the direction you will follow.
A track, on the other-hand, is a recording of your activity.

Why do I need a route?

When you follow a route guide the app will keep you on course, notify you of important navigation waypoints and tell you if you are going off track. If there is rich content in the route, such a s text and images, these will all display at the appropriate point along the route.

How do I get a route?

You can get route guide as follows;
Plan it yourself
Search and download one
Import one from a .GPX file


1.2. Route planning


How do I plan a route?

The best way to plan a route it to use our website http://my.viewranger.com as it is easier and automatic route generation is only available on the website
You can also plan the route in the app on the device.

How do I duplicate a route?

The best way to duplicate a route it to use our website http://my.viewranger.com. Routes and Tracks > My Routes. Click on the name of the route. Press Menu button > Export to .GPX
Then use Routes and Tracks > Create route from .GPX