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8.2. GPS settings and power save modes

Location Services in iOS

Check that the Location Services is set to On for ViewRanger in the app list on the iOS device Settings, Privacy. You only need to do this once.

Power save modes in ViewRanger app

Switch between continuous and power save modes. If you are making a longer trip and you need to maximize the battery life, switch to Power save.  Found in Menu tab, Settings, GPS settings.
The battery will last around 60% longer with the default settings, though track points will be spaced a bit further apart, every 1 minute. For shorter journeys, or where you need more detailed tracks, switch back to Continuous.
If you are navigating - following a route or navigating to a point - then power save can't be used.

GPS Mode (Continuous / Power save)

Power save mode

Continuous - where the GPS is in continual use, giving the most detailed tracks but using the most power.
Power save - with power save enabled, ViewRanger uses the GPS at intervals (default 1 minute), saving power but giving a less detailed track. BuddyBeacon will continue to work.

GPS Auto Disconnect
If the GPS is no longer needed, and the screen is locked or another app is in the foreground, ViewRanger will disconnect the GPS after a time interval. This slider controls how long the interval is.
You can switch auto disconnect off by moving the slider to zero, then the GPS will not auto disconnect.
If you are recording a track, sending the beacon, following a route or navigating to a point, the GPS is needed so will not be auto disconnected.

GPS Single Fix
If you are on a long trip without a power source and just want to check your position using the least possible power, enable the GPS Single Fix option.
When this is enabled, then after pressing the GPS button on the map, the app will get a position fix then disconnect the GPS.
If you are recording a track, sending the beacon, following a route or navigating to a point, this settings is ignored.

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