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8.1. A-GPS (Assisted GPS)

Location Services in iOS

Check that the Location Services is set to On for ViewRanger in the app list on the iOS device Settings, Privacy. You only need to do this once.

The ViewRanger app asks the location services on the device to supply it with the current GPS location.  ViewRanger only shows an accurate position, other software may act differently.  GPS has an accuracy of 5 - 10 meters.

GPS types

There are two types of GPS on mobile devices;

Most mobile device specifications will list only A-GPS. This is because the device will try to use A-GPS then revert to "normal" GPS.
A-GPS requires a mobile data connection to work. GPS does not.
A-GPS assists the GPS service on the mobile device to aquire a quick GPS fix because, instead of taking time searching for the satellites, it asks the server where they are and then can lock onto them quickly.
If no data connection is available, it reverts to GPS, but takes longer to get a fix.
We highly recommend using A-GPS.

Connecting to GPS

In the ViewRanger app press the Compass/GPS icon in the centre of the row of icons at the bottom of the map screen.
Remain stationary, with a clear 360 degree view of the sky, until the circle indication your position turns from grey to red. Red means the app has an accurate fix.

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