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5.2. Map settings

The map settings screen contains settings for iTunes device backups, map screen appearance and behaviour and some advanced re-set options.


When you run an iTunes device backup this setting controls if maps are included in the backup.
Please see the related page, at the foot of this page, for more information.

Map options

Auto scale – as you zoom in and out, ViewRanger changes the scale of the map displayed to best suite the the zoom. For example, you may be viewing 1:50,000 map at 50%. Zoom in once and see 1:50,000 at 100%, then zoom in again to see 1:25,000 map at 50%, then again to see it at 100%. This switch stops the auto scale change.
Auto rotate map – if this is switched on, then as you walk the map will rotate to keep you heading up the screen. The rotation is in multiples of 90 degrees, so your heading won't be straight up.
Show Compass – if you phone contains a compass, display the compass north arrow on the GPS button.
Switch Compass Position – if your phone contains a compass, display the direction the phone is pointing on the map, as an arrow on the outside of the GPS location circle.
Night vision - Night vision draws the display in red to minimize loss of eyesight adaptation to the dark. This has been particularly requested by search and rescue teams.
Tile purchase buttons - Controls if the quick tile purchase buttons are displayed on the map screen.


Increasing this value magnifies premium maps on screen, which can make details more readable.  Default value 100%.

Retina Display

The retina display control for premium maps can be found under Home menu > (in top bar), Settings, Map settings, Magnification and for Online maps Home key > (top right), Settings, Online maps, Magnification.
Default magnification for Premium maps is 100% and 200% for Online maps as the labels on Online maps are too small to read at retina size.
When the slider is set to 100% this is retina size.
Magnification is not available on iPad, iPad 2 or iPhone 3 / 3GS. It is on iPad 3 and iPhone 4* and above.

200% magnification Default 100% magnification
(red square denotes 200%)


Map Units

Unit type – select the units used for lengths. Choose been metric (metres and km), imperial (feet, yards and miles) and nautical.
Coordinate type – the format used to display coordinates. You can choose various national grid coordinates (full digit, 10 digit, 8 digit and 6 digit), UTM or various longitude and latitude formats.
National Grid - display coordinates in the national grid of your choice.

Map colors

Adjust the colour and opacity of the GPS indicator to suit.  Default: red 100%.

Reset options

Normally, you do not need to use these buttons.

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