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3.2. ViewRanger Account

We recommend that you create a ViewRanger account as this will store all you map downloads, purchase history, routes and tracks in one place.  This makes it easy when you want to add or change devices as you can just sign into your account and download all your stuff.

When you first download the ViewRanger App and open it, you will see the Create Account screen. You can choose to tap on LATER if you do not wish to set up an account right away.

If you then decide you do want to set up an account, you can do this by going to the Menu Tab (3 dots, green bar), My Account. You will then be asked to Create an Account or Sign in, if you already have an account with ViewRanger.

The My Account section also allows you to manage your ViewRanger account, as well as purchase credits.

Account section

Menu tab (in green bar), My Account.

You can:

Account sign in and Validation

Use "Sign in as a different user", existing user; if you need to sign into a different ViewRanger account, enter a new password or validate the account is working.  Use  "Sign in as a different user", new user; if you wish to create a new account.   If you have registered for an account via the ViewRanger App or via My.Viewranger.com, you are part of the ViewRanger community and you can take advantage of managing your account. All users can share their routes and tracks between the My.Viewranger.com website and the ViewRanger app.

When you sign into your account in the app on a new device, the device is automatically added to your account.

You are allowed to associate four active devices with your account.  When you come to add your fifth device you will be promoted to;

Activate maps

If you have unlicensed maps on the device a section will appear asking your to enter a serial number.

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