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1.3. What's included?

ViewRanger editions

ViewRanger for the iPhone is available from the Apple app store / iTunes. Three versions are available:

Edition Premium credit included Unlimited use of Open maps Access to all fetures Optionally buy premium maps in-app Transfer existing maps and GPX via iTunes Maps for mulitple countries
Premium Yes, 1000 credits Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free / Open No, buy in-app Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Mapping Included With Premium Version

When you run ViewRanger you'll be prompted to download an overview map for the country of your choice.

A full token's worth of credit is included with the Premium version of ViewRanger, which you can use to download tiles of detailed map or routes. The first time you ask to download a map tile or route, you'll be asked to confirm the allocation of your credit. You can choose between:

Credit Top Ups

Once you have used up the included credit, you can buy additional credit using in-app purchasing. Outside Norway there are 3 top-ups available: £5.99/$9.99/€7.99 for 400 credits, £8.99/$14.99/€11.99 for 600 credits and £14.99/$24.99/EUR19.99 for 1000 credits. Each credit is worth 1.5p / 2.5 US cents / 2 Euro cents.

Credit Allocation

The credits are allocated to your account when you first try to download something that is priced in credits. So if you try to download a map tile, or a route, you'll be told that the credits are being allocated and asked to confirm this. Until then the credit shows as zero.

You can use your credit to download map packages in-app but only if the price is displayed in credit.

Map and Route Credit

The Premium edition of ViewRanger, and the £14.99/$24.99/EUR19.99 credit top-up, give you 1000 credits, which you can use to download maps from all countries for which we provide maps, except Norway, and also routes.

You can also use the map credit to pay for in-app purchases, within the in-app ViewRanger Store, as long as your balance is sufficient to fully cover the price of the item. It is not possible to use credits to part pay for an item. For example, you can use your 1000 credits to buy two GB 1:50,000 regions. Or you could buy all 3 GB national parks packs, with 334 credits left to use for map tiles around your home.

These example map areas show the area available if all 1000 credits are used on this map layer:

(* Areas shown for France are for the latest mapping. The areas for older NTF based mapping are 1:100k up to 5200 sqkm, 1:25k up to 390 sqkm.)

UK Ordnance Survey maps

A typical sheet of Explorer map is 20km x 30km, which is 600 sq km, so each token covers just over two typical sheet. There is some variation in this size, and ex-OL sheets are larger. A typical Landranger sheet is 40km x 40km, which is 1600 sq km, so each token covers 9¼ sheets.

We only charge for land, we don't charge for sea nor for coastal/tidal rivers. So if your map includes any sea you'll get rather more map than you would on paper

ViewRanger Explorer tiles are 5.12km x 5.12km and Landranger tiles are 10.24km x 10.24km. Both are 2048 x 2048 pixels. The iPhone 3G screen is 320 x 480 pixels, so the tile covers the screen 27 times when viewed at 100% zoom. The iPhone 4 screen is 640 x 960 pixels, so the tile covers the screen 7 times when at 100% zoom.

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