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3.1. Premium users

There are three versions of the app; Premium, Open and USA.
In all three versions of the app, the functionality is the same, and you can upgrade to USA maps in-app.
Start the app from the icon.

Initial Overview Map

When you first start ViewRanger it will ask you to download an overview map. Tap on a country and an overview map will download.
You can download more maps using the Menu tab, My maps, Get more maps.

GB Road map free overview Swiss free overview

Map list

The Maps section of the Menu tab, My maps lists all your maps, grouped by country.
If you select a map you can see a summary of its details. Press View to see the map in the map view. Press Delete to delete the map.
Use this list to change country.

Initial Download Credit

ViewRanger is bundled with a token's worth of credit. You can use this token for one of the following:

When you try to download something that is charged for, you'll be asked to confirm you'd like to allocate your credit to that type of item.

Initialize bundled map tile credit

The credits are allocated to your account when you first download a map or route. Unallocated credits will appear in Menu tab, My maps, Download more maps within square brackets.
There are two ways to download maps:

Download a Pre-Selected Map Area

To download a pre-selected map area, go to Menu tab, My maps, Get more maps and browse the maps, and when you find one you like scroll to the bottom of its description page and download it. You can use your 1000 credits to download any map priced at 1000 credits or less. Maps prices at more than 1000 credits will show as cash purchases, and will be charged to your iTunes account.

Download map Tiles

Map Options, Get more tiles.

Before you can download map tiles you must download a free overview map for the selected country. You do this in Menu tab, My maps, Get more maps.
To download detailed map tiles tap go into Menu tab, My maps, then your country, and tap on one of the grid items. Alternatively from the map view press Options and choose Get tiles button, then select a scale.
You'll be transferred to the map view with the download grid shown. Red tiles have not been downloaded to the phone, green tiles have. If you do not see a map then zoom out - till you reach the overview map. If you do not have an overview map then you must download an overview map for the selected country in Menu tab, My maps, Get more maps.
To download a tile tap a square so its border is bold red, then press Download. Accept the initial credit dialog box. Once the tile is downloaded its square will go green - zoom in to see the map.
To download all the map tiles currently on screen with a solid border press Tiles and Area. If too many tiles are on screen the server may tell you the area is too large – in that case zoom in to download fewer tiles.
To leave download mode press Done.

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