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1. Beta releases

The beta version of ViewRanger is a new version of the app that is being tested.  It contains the latest changes and improvements, and has been tested internally by ViewRanger, but may not be as reliable as the main live release. Once it has had a period of successful beta testing, it will be made the main live release.

To install, you have two options:

1. Visit this Play Store page to join, then within a few hours the beta will be available via your Play Store app, and you'll get new beta updates as they come available.

2. Or use your phone's web browser to visit www.viewranger.com/beta. Tap on the Android logo to download. Drag the phone's notification bar right down the screen and tap on the downloaded file to install.

Either way if you currently use a Google Play version of ViewRanger, then this replaces that version.

(The release software is  v8.1.22 and is available from www.viewranger.com/software or from the Play Store.)

Many thanks to beta testers for their testing and feedback! 


Version 7.5 and 8.0 Beta History


8.1.28, 24th November 2017

More bug fixes.


8.1.22, 2nd November 2017

Bug fixes.


8.1.20, 31st October 2017

  • We've added push notifications, so we can let you know about route guides we think you'll love, news & events and exclusive ViewRanger offers.
  • Faster startup, with copyright moved to a link on each map.
  • Control of notifications and email from within settings.
  • Track privacy setting.
  • New style settings screens.
  • Other fixes and design improvements.
  • Improved Android O support.
  • The rotary crown on some Android Wear watches now zooms the map


8.1.12, 18th October 2017

  • Another crash fix.


8.1.10, 12th October 2017

  • A fix for a crash.


8.1.8, 9th October 2017

  • More improvements to the route discovery tab, including a new search box at the top.


8.0.14, 3rd September 2017

  • Fixed auto upload of tracks when you stop
  • The map on track details no longer drops tiles
  • Issues with track upload not recording that track was uploaded should bee fixed.
  • Don't change scale on zooming is fixed.
  • A fix for bad characters in route details on Android 4.1.
  • Some crash fixes.


8.0.6, 23rd August 2017

Fixes for 7 crashes reported in 8.0.4.


8.0.4, 15th August 2017

A few fixes, including keeping the compass on for current installs, and removing non-needed permissions.


8.0.0, 12th August 2017

A new color scheme and icon set for the app.

A new presentation in the route Discovery tab, including maps and graphs before you download.


7.5.56, 30th July 2017

Improvements to map reliability on watch.

Various other phone fixes.

7.5.48, 21st July 2017

Adds reviews and ratings for routes, and an improved end of route follow screen.
Plus various fixes:
  • Fixes a problem creating the ViewRanger folder on internal storage on some devices with an SD card.
  • Track graphs have correctly labelled x axes again.
  • Buddy beacon handles lack of connectivity correctly
  • Improved stability of internal settings.
  • Fixed track not being created when saving.
  • More stability around changing maps for the watch.
7.5.36, 6th July 2017

New screen for showing routes before they are downloaded, including a zoomable map and zoomable graph.

Various fixes, especially to the Wear app.


7.5.24, 20th June 2017

New activity feed added to the profile tab, showing you what's going on in the world of ViewRanger.

Fixes throughout the app to improve reliability and performance.



Version 7.3 Beta History


7.3.78, 16th June 2017

Swedish and Russian added.


7.3.76, 13th June 2017

Startup related fix, especially affecting people in France.



7.3.72, 25th May 2017

Fixes a crash some people have been getting when starting the app on discovery and switching to profile.

Fixed a crash in subscription expiry prompts.

Fixed a problem affecting the few people who use an account alias.


7.3.64, 18th May 2017

More bug and crash fixes.


7.3.62, 15th May 2017

Behind the scenes reliability fixes.

Opening a map now shows the correct scale, as it used to do.


7.3.52, 9th May 2017

New start splash screen.

Option to sign in with Google or Facebook account.

New sign in screens.


7.3.48, 27th April 2017

Add touch feedback to things like Discovery cards.

Improvements to layout of route overview screen.

Sending maps to the watch: now sends the current online map, rather than only sending cycle map.

Sending maps to watch: no longer breaks if you download additional maps to the south or west of the original map extent.

Skyline: the warning about the mali 400 GPS has been reinstated.

Potential fix for MIEZU M5 Note hang, and stopped calculating navi arrow when not needed.

When a map is downloaded, its license key is applied immediately.

Fix for hang some people are getting while syncing.

Various crash fixes.


7.3.36, 18th April 2017

Fixes for sending maps to the watch.


7.3.26, 11th April 2017

Behind the scenes optimizations and fixes.


7.3.18, 5th April 2017

Fixes to icons and images on watch.

Fixes to alarm and audio playing on routes and waypoints.

Various other fixes.


7.3.14, 31st March 2017

Coordinates work correctly on watch app.

Navigation instructions appear correctly at the foot of the map.

Various crash and bug fixes to the phone/tablet and watch apps.


7.3.8, 23rd March 2017

Improvements to glancability of Wear App when reaching a waypoint.

Improved pinch zoom on the Wear App.

Deep links to route collections work.

Various fixes.


7.3.4, 16th March 2017

A new Android Wear app, giving improved route navigation and displaying maps on a linked Android Wear watch.

Improvements to the accuracy of route navigation in the phone/tablet app.


Version 7.0 Beta History

7.0.50, 23rd February 2017

Fixes to nautical coordinates.

A few crash fixes.


7.0.44, 27th January 2017

Adjustments related to map and subscription purchase

Fix for German coordinate panel

A few crash fixes


7.0.38, 12th January 2017

Several fixes related to POI and waypoint icons

Some improvements to the new square map buttons

Fix for problems updating profile and banner images in the middle Profile tab

Fix to slow app startup when the signal is present but internet is not viable

Improvement to route editing speed.


7.0.32, 22nd December

Some changes to the appearance of buttons on the map and in Skyline, to be more compliant with the Android Material Design guidelines.

Various crash fixes.


7.0.28, 16th December

Map purchase improvements, especially for subscriptions.


7.0.26, 14th December

Buddy beacon fix


7.0.24, 13th December

Fixes some missing POI icons

Fixes the problem where many viewranger.com links are intercepted.

Fixes the issue of maps being stuck offline if you had "Remember offline setting" on and had last used v6.4 set to offline.


7.0.20, 6th December

Various crash fixes

Waypoints that have names ending in numbers are no longer automatically targets

Waypoints that are targets now behave properly as you zoom out

It is no longer required that the device has a camera


7.0.8, 25th November

A crash fix.

Deep links (from outside the app to tracks, routes and so on) now open correctly.


7.0.6, 22nd November

Performance improvements for some devices, crash fixes and behind the scenes changes.


7.0.0, 17th November

Various crash and behind-the-scenes fixes.

No more robot logo on the screen grabs.  

The beacon share button now works.  

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