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16.4. Sound and Video Links

Easy adding of Audio

Audio (but not video) can now be easily added to your route description and waypoints via our website my.viewranger.com

Advanced adding of Audio and Video

You can add a sound or video link to a waypoint or POI and it will be played when you first reach that point. To add a sound link in the description type using the format:

<sound SoundFile.wav>Description</sound>

This will appear as underlined text Description, which you can click on to play the sound file 'SoundFile.wav'.

This sound will be played once when you first reach the POI or waypoint. After being played the alarm will switch to the usual alarm tone until silenced.

You could record a short description, which is played as you reach a point, or could have a special sound.

This link is saved into GPX files and is imported from GPX files, if you prepare routes elsewhere.

Videos can be embedded using the link format:

<link href="video.3gp">Video</link>

To be played as an alarm the video must further be surrounded by alarm tags, which can also be added around sounds:

<alarm><link href="video.3gp">Video</link></alarm>

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