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13.2. Navigation Alarms

ViewRanger has two different alarms:

You can switch the two alarms off individually using POI/wpt alarm on/off and XTE alarm on/off – these can be found in the Navigatation menu which can be accessed by pressing the nav arrow.

When an alarm has been triggered a warning message is shown and your chosen sound played every 10 seconds. You can silence an alarm by choosing Silence alarm – again this is in the Navigation menus.

The colour of the navigation arrow changes when the alarm is triggered – red indicates arrival and blue indicates off route.

Choosing the alarm tone

Choose the alarm tone or sound on the Settings panel's Navigiation tab. There are separate settings for the Arrival alarm and for the Cross track error alarm. The default is the alert panel beep, but you can choose any sound, tone, MP3 or music track. You can record and use your own sound. 

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