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7.2. Display settings

The following settings are found under the Menu tab (in green bar), Settings, Display.  There are additional screen preferences (see related documents, at the foot of this page) that affect the screen as well.

National grid

When viewing global maps with the coordinate type set to national grid ViewRanger will display UTM coordinates. Use this setting to choose the national grid it should use. If you view maps outside the area that is valid for those coordinates, the software will revert to UTM.
You can override the displayed coordinate type with the National grid setting.

Coordinate type

Sets the co-ordinate type used by ViewRanger

Unit type

Auto rotate map / track up

Map auto rotate, or track up, is where the map rotates to keep the direction you are heading straight up the screen.

Night vision

Night vision is where the map and trip view are displayed with a red overlay. If you are out in the dark your eyes become accustomed to the dark, this is called night vision. If you look at a bright white screen, your eyes will lose this adjustment. By making the screen red, your night vision is not lost when you look at the app, and it will be eaiser to use ViewRanger at night.

Show HUD compass

Show magnetic compass. Not shown by default.  Always sanity check the compass before use.

Extra trip field

Puts an extra trip display field onto the map screen.  To change the choice of field to display long press it.

Show scale

Switch the scale bar on and off on the map screen.

Show coordinates bar

Decide to show of hide the coordinates bar on the map screen.

Don't change scale when zooming

By default, the map will automatically change scale when zooming. If you wish to zoom in very close to a map, then turn on this setting.

Map multi touch

Enable multi touch on the map screen.

Screen on when plugged in

Screen stays on when plugged into external power source.

Trip Graph Time Window

Change the window of time display on the trip graph.

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