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6.1. Types of Maps

ViewRanger supports three types of map

Online maps

 Maps in screen grabs © 2010
CloudMade or Open Cycle Map
Map data CCBYSA 2010
OpenStreetMap.org contributors
Terms of Use

Those from ViewRanger Landscape Map and the OpenCycleMap. These maps are downloaded automatically as and when you open them In App or can be pre-cached by opening them, Options, Create Saved map, Detailed, Download. They are now cached on the phone, so you can use them in an area with no mobile signal.


Premium maps

 Premium Maps

More detailed maps, typically from national mapping agencies such as Ordnance Survey, IGN, or BKG. These maps contain more detail but are charged for. These maps are stored on the phone so can be used when away from the mobile network.

Premium Online maps

Shaded terrain style

Highly detailed online topo maps for USA and Canada, that can be easily stored for offline usage on your mobile devices. These maps contain more detail and come with the USA edition but are charged for on other editions.




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