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1.5. Record tracks (iOS)

It's easy to record tracks:

- Start, pause, and stop tracks on the Map screen.

- View time and distance stats on Map screen.

- Tap anywhere on the map to see a bigger map.

Here is how new track recording works:

1. Open the ViewRanger app on your iPhone and select Map tab.

Map tab

2. Press the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the Map screen.

Plus button

3. Tap the “Record a Track” button.

Record a track

4. Choose the type outdoor activity (walking, hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, etc.).

Choose activity

5. After you pick an activity type, track recording starts.

Track recording

Extra Features:

- Swipe down on the Stats panel to reduce the number stats shown on the screen.

- Tap on any stat to go to a more detailed stat screen. You can see more than 20 stats and navigation details.

- Stopping for a lunch break? Hit the Pause button to reduce battery useage. Then hit Resume or, when your activity is done, select Finish.

- Want a bigger map? Tap anywhere on the Map screen to see a more map and less buttons.

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