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1.7. Follow a route (iOS)

The follow route design brings forward detailed route information onto the Map screen and makes it easier and safer to follow routes.

To start, downloaded a route guide and offline maps onto our device.

Download a route

Once downloaded, we headed to the starting point and tapped the Start Route button.

Start route

The ViewRanger app adds information to the top of the Map screen. It shows a direction arrow pointing to the next waypoint, and any juicy tidbits you need to know. In this case, we needed to walk up the street to the official trailhead or start point.

Map screen

You can also tap the route info box on top of the Map screen to see a full list of helpful waypoints and navigation details.

Full waypoint

During the hike, the device vibrates to alert you about important trail details like trail junctions, overlooks, or fun facts. This route guide, in particular, showcased some beautiful wildflower and overlook photos too.

Important waypoint

On the route details screen, the app shows some helpful information. The blue dot represents your GPS location and displays a straight-line distance between you and each waypoint. And, you can see how far each waypoint is from the start and end points. This can be super helpful to understand where you came from, where you are, and what lies ahead.

Route details

If there’s no waypoint copy or media posted by the route author, sometimes you’ll see basic navigation stats. On the screen below, we see distance to next marked waypoint, distance to end point (the summit in this case), and compass bearing.

Empty waypoint


Just follow these simple steps:

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