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1.2. Sending my beacon


How do I send my beacon?

In the app, on the mobile device, from the map screen press plus "+", BuddyBeacon, Send Beacon now. If this is the first time you have sent a beacon you will be asked to create a PIN for security.

What is my Beacon name?

The email address that you registered with. Use Menu tab (in green bar), My account.

What is my Beacon PIN and how can I change it?

You will be asked to create a 4 digit PIN the first time you send your Beacon.
It can subsequently be changed in the app on the mobile device as follows;
iOS: Menu tab (in green bar), BuddyBeacon, Settings.
Android: Menu tab (in green bar), Settings, Beacon.
If you reset the PIN you must send your Beacon again before the new PIN can be used.

Can I repeat send my location?

Yes. In the app on the mobile device use plus "+", BuddyBeacon, Beacon repeate on.


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