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1.14. Wear OS watch

ViewRanger for Wear OS 2.0 works with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Or, use the watch app by itself. Just download routes and offline maps onto the watch before you leave home.

How to install ViewRanger app on your Wear OS device

Ensure the firmware on your watch is up to date.

Install the latest "Wear OS" app onto your Android phone or iPhone from your app store.  This allows the watch to utilize resources on the mobile device, such as GPS and wifi, to limit the battery drain on the watch.

Connect the watch to your Android phone or iPhone using the "Wear OS" app.

Now download the ViewRanger app directly from the Google "Play Store" on the watch. 

Please contact our support if you have a Wear OS 1.5 Watch for install instructions.  We no longer support Wear OS 1.0

ViewRanger account

You must have a ViewRanger account to use the app on the watch:  

Sign in

Watch screens

You can swipe between screens in the ViewRanger app on the watch:

Routes screen

Routes are a plan of your trip.  The watch will navigate you along the route.

On the routes screen you can find the routes you have recently opened in the ViewRanger app on your mobile device, find route near to where you are now, or access a collection of routes selected just for you.  You can also find your downloaded routes and follow or delete them from the watch.

If your watch does not have a GPS chip you will not see any routes as you can't navigate without it.

Record track screen

A track is a recording of where you traveled.  It contains statistics like length, speed and elevation.

Track record

On this screen you can start track record on the Android phone. 

If you are an iPhone user,  this screen will not appear.  Start the track record on the iPhone instead.

If you have a Casio Pro Trek watch, a second button on this screen will allow you to record a track on the watch itself.  This exclusive feature is only on Casio ProTreck watches.  We recommend you record the track on the Android phone or iPhone, with its large battery, so you save on battery on the watch.  Once you finish track record, the track is uploaded to our server, if you are online.   If not online, when you are back online, you must must close the app and re-open it before the track will be uploaded.   To close the app go into settings, Apps & Notifications, App Info, tap ViewRanger, Force stop. 

Map screen

On this screen you can view your location on a map, swap map layers and download a map for offline use.  Initially, the watch must be connected and online to view maps but they can be saved for offline use.

Coordinates screen

See your current position and elevation.
If you have an Android phone the coordinate format and unit of measure is taken from the ViewRanger app on the phone.
If you have an iPhone the coordinate type defaults to decimal and the unit of measure is taken from the iPhone regional settings.
If stand alone, the coordinate type defaults to decimal and the unit of measure is taken from the watch regional settings.

Setting screen

Here you can remove downloaded maps from the watch.

Settings screen

Additionally, if you are not connected to an Android phone, you will see the option to "Log out".   If you are connected to an Android phone, account is managed on the phone.


Navigation Menu and Notifications

Pull the navigation menu down from the top of the screen to access shortcuts to different screens in the app. 

Navigation Menu

On the watch face access the notifications to cancel route and map downloads.


Swipe through to the map screen on the watch to display your position on the map.

Map on watch

Initially, the watch must be connected and online to view maps but they can be saved for offline use. 

- To zoom and pan maps, tap once on screen.
- Use finger to pan, zoom or scroll as needed. Or, use top and bottom buttons on watch to zoom in and out.
- Tap again to center map on your GPS location.
- To change map type, select Map Layers. Select map type. You will see how the maps types you own and are compatible with the watch. 

Map Layers and Downloading Maps

The Map Layers button on the map screen on the watch lets you select different maps to show and download the selected map for offline use.

How to save offline maps
- Tap Map Layers button. Select map type you want to save.
- Tap Map Layer again. Select Download.
- Scroll, pan, zoom to the offline map area you want to download. Select Save.
- These selected maps are now saved onto your watch for offline use.

When you add a route to the watch it also adds the maps to the watch too.

Download map

Routes (in more detail)

More than 150,000 ViewRanger routes worldwide – plus any routes you've created ­– are available to follow with Wear OS. You can either stream routes directly from your Android phone to your watch, or add them to your watch and follow them without using your phone.  When you stream routes you are using the resources on the phone for GPS and recording a track - we recommend this method as it increases battery life and the GPS is generally more accurate.  When you add a route to the watch you are using all the resources on the watch and can't record a track - we recommend you use this method only if you really really want to leave your phone behind.

Streaming routes

If you have your Android phone and watch in close proximity, as soon as you start following a route on your phone it will be activated on your watch. The map that's open on your phone will be visible on your Watch. Plus, view live trip stats including GPS position, altitude, distance traveled and trip duration.

Adding routes

Routes can be added directly on the watch (but only if the watch has a GPS chip).

From the watch:
- Launch ViewRanger app on watch
- Go to Routes screen. Watch needs a WiFi or data connection to show unsaved Routes.
- Select Recents shows routes you have recently reviewed, downloaded, or created.
- Select Nearby to see routes within 1.5 kilometers or 1 mile of your current location.
- Select Downloaded for a list of route guides saved on the watch.

From the Android phone:
Android Users:
- Launch ViewRanger app on Android smartphone.
- Find and download route guide onto phone.
- Launch ViewRanger app on watch.
- On your phone, tap Add to watch button. The ViewRanger app sends route guide (and optional offline maps) to watch.
- Once download, the route guide and maps are saved on the watch.
- Any routes saved on your watch are listed on the Routes page under Downloaded. Now, you can explore without a phone or data connection.

From the iPhone:
- Launch ViewRanger app on iPhone.
- Find, then view or download your route guide.
- Launch ViewRanger on watch.
- Swipe to Routes screen on watch. Select Recents. Recents shows routes you have recently viewed, downloaded, or created in your ViewRanger account. Note: Your watch needs to be connected to Wifi or your phone to download route and offline maps.
- Under Recents, select the route to download.
- Once downloaded, the route guide and offline maps are saved on the watch. Any routes saved on your watch are listed on the Routes page under Downloaded. Now, you can explore without a phone or data connection.

Start Hiking

Updating Routes

If an update is made to a route, the route must be deleted from the watch and download again before the update is seen.

Deleting Routes

On the Routes screen tap "Downloaded".    Long press the route to remove from watch.

Navigating a Route on the Watch

When you start a route, on the watch or on the phone, keep the app on the watch in foreground while navigating for better experience.  If you receive a message that pushes the app into background, open the watch app again to hear the alarms again.

Advanced / Troubleshooting

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