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1.11. BuddyBeacon location sharing

How to get started with BuddyBeacon

BuddyBeacon allows you to share your real-time location with friends. A mobile connection is required to send a Beacon, but the app will also send old positions once it reconnects if you’ve been exploring an area with no signal.

To share your location with friends, give them your ViewRanger username (the email address you used to create your account) and BuddyBeacon PIN (you create your PIN on first send of your beacon  see below). They then need to visit the www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon web page, click ‘Add BuddyBeacon’, and enter your details. They’ll then be able to see your position and track your movements on a live map every time you send a Beacon.

Your friends can also view your position in the ViewRanger app by entering your username and PIN in the BuddyBeacon menu. Then as soon as you send a Beacon, they will be able to see your position on their map screen.

Note that to use the beacon you need a Premium subscription  the basic Premium is enough, or any map subscription.

How to send a Beacon

To share your real-time location with friends, launch the ViewRanger app, tap the green + button in the bottom-right corner of the map screen then select BuddyBeacon.


From the menu that pops up, select ‘Send beacon now’, and choose a 4-digit PIN when prompted. This means your location has been shared with everyone following you either in the app or at www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon

How to watch a Beacon

Launch the ViewRanger app, tap the green + button in the bottom-right corner of the map screen, select BuddyBeacon, select ‘Add a buddy’. All you need to do now is enter the ViewRanger username(their email address) and PIN of the person you want to locate, and when they send a Beacon you’ll be able to locate them on your map screen. 
If you have already added buddies then use the Locate now button found in the BuddyBeacon menu.

If you tap on the icon showing the location of your Buddy in the app, you can choose to Navigate to them, centre their position on your map, track their movements, and select the icon you’d like to use to display their position.

You can also view a Buddy on our live map by entering their username and PIN at www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon

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