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1.4. Tracks

How to record a track

A Track is a record of your movements during your chosen activity.
A Track should not be confused with a Route, which you either download or create then follow.  A route is a plan of where you intend to go.

To record a new track, tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the map screen then select ‘Record Track’. Now simply press the red button in the centre of the screen to start recording. All of your movements will now be tracked and recorded by the app. To stop a track recording, from the map screen tap the trip time button, to return to the track controls screen, then tap the square stop button, which gives you the option to Delete, Cancel or Save your track.

Track controls

A track will also start recording automatically every time you start following a route in ViewRanger.

How to view your trip stats

As soon as you stop and save a track you’ll be able to see all of the associated stats, such as distance, duration, speed and altitude gain.

To see live stats while you’re recording a track, tap the button showing your trip time, then swipe the track recording screen to the left to cycle through three screens of stats. If you press and hold your finger on one of the stats boxes, you’ll see a list of options allowing you to customise your stats screens to show the information that’s relevant to you.

How to a share a track

As soon as you save your track, two options will appear at the bottom of your screen prompting you to ‘Share on Facebook’ or ‘Tweet’ your track. Tap either button and follow the instructions to share your adventure with your followers.

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