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Q. What is Skyline for Android and iOS?

Skyline adds labels to peaks, places and water in the landscape as you look through the camera viewfinder.   It also displays navigation arrows when you follow a route.

Q. What Android devices can run Skyline?

Devices running Android 4 or above and have the following sensors; GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and a compatible GPU (does not work with GPU Mali-400), all should work with Skyline.

Q.  Why can't I see the Skyline icon on my Android device.

Not all devices are compatible with Skyline.  If you don't see the icon press Menu tab (in green bar), Help and feedback, Why is Skyline not available?

Q.  What is labelled?

Peaks, places and water.

Q.  Can Skyline work offline?

Yes, but you MUST download a detailed map or, if you already have maps downloaded, refresh the Skyline data, before going offline.

Q.  How do I download a detailed map so I can see the labels?

Before starting Skyline, from the map screen in ViewRanger app;

Q. How do I refresh the Skyline data for an existing detailed map so I can see labels?

Before starting Skyline, from the map screen in ViewRanger app, press Menu tab (in green bar), Maps, tap on the name of the map and "Refresh Skyline Data".

Q. Why can't I see any labels?

Download a detailed map or, if you already have a map, refresh the detailed map Skyline data.

Q. What is a detailed map?

Any downloaded map other than whole country overview maps or regional saved online maps.

Q.  Why are my labels not aligned?

The compass and GPS on the device is used to align the labels.  The compass has an accuracy of plus or minus 3 degrees;

Calibrate often and when prompted.  If you are not getting the desired results, calibrate again!

Q. How do I calibrate the compass?

Roll the device about or wave it in a figure of eight.

Q. Why do I need to wave or roll the device about?

The device needs movement through the earths magnetic field to calibrate the compass.

Q.  How do I know when to calibrate the compass?

Calibrate the compass when prompted or if the labels are not aligned.  You should calibrate often and repeat process till you achieve the desired result.

Q. How far into the distance are labels show?

Up to 32 km (20 miles) away.

Q. Why is my peak, place or water not labelled, when others are?

Q. Can I add my own labels?

Yes, just add a POI (point of interest).  From the map screen press New / '+' button, Add POI.

Q.  Why is my peak, place or water given an incorrect or local name, rather than the official one?

Peaks, places and water are recorded in the OpenStreetMap database and other sources.  OpenStreetMap is a community project so there may be some inaccuracy.

Q.  I am in an elevated building with a high vantage view and I can see peaks, places or water in the distance but they are not labelled?

The app works at ground level and knows nothing about buildings.  From ground level you may not be able to see the peak, place or water.

Q. Can I follow a route in Skyline?

Yes.  Before starting Skyline, from the map screen in ViewRanger app;

Q. When I follow a route I can't see any blue navigation arrows?

The arrows only appear for routes that are accurately plotted.  Try another route.

Q. How much battery is required to use Skyline?

Skyline uses many of the sensors on the device at maximum accuracy.  We recommend using a portable power pack to re-charge the device, especially if using for navigation.

Q. How do I contribute to the OpenStreetMap node (peaks, places and water) database?

If you wish to contribute to the OpenStreetMap data here is the Beginners Guide.

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