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6.4. Advanced Settings

Choose Menu tab, Settings and then Online maps.

Backup includes online maps - include the online map cache in iTunes sync.

Online - download required map tiles or only use existing tiles found within the Map cache.

Magnification - defaults to 200%.  Makes details more readable but fits less map on screen.

Map cache size - set the size in (MB) of the downloaded map cache. This is the space reserved to store online map tiles. Once the cache is full, the oldest map tiles are deleted to free space.

Clear tiles and Clear map cache - used to explicitly clear the map cache when required. Set the slider and press the button - maps older than the specified number of days will be erased. Setting this value to 0 will clear everything in the cache. (Note: this operation cannot be undone)

Coordinate display

When viewing online maps by default coordinates are shown using the global UTM coordinate system.
To see local coordinates, for example GB national grid, go to Settings, Map settings, Map Units and set "National grid" to the coordinate type you'd like to see.
If you view maps outside the area that is valid for those coordinates, the software will revert to UTM.


To see the copyright and license details for the current map, use Menu tab, My maps, Online maps and press the map source. You can click on links to see the full license statements.
The copyright details are also shown when ViewRanger starts.

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