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2.1. Latest release

You can search for the latest versions through Play Store on your mobile device.

Supports Android version 4 and above.

Release version

v10.0.2 June 2019

- photos on tracks.

v9.3.8 April 2019 

- On watch, going from stats to ambient mode and back, stays on stats.
- Issue navigating on watches with no barometer is fixed.
- Efficient handling of missing icons on GPX import (removes a dos)
- Fixes missing images in routes
- Bug fixes 


v9.3.2 April 2019

 new in-app shop

v9.2.82 March 2019

 Casio R2.1

v9.2.66 (v9.2.74 on watch) February 2019

 Casio R2

v9.2.58 February 2019

 bug fix

v9.2.56 February 2019

Fixes issues with incorrect map tiles being shown in both the watch app, and on the phone in places like track details and saving maps.
- Removes the default text we provide in Facebook posts. Now they get the link and what that expands as.
- If phone does not respond, watch shows the log in panel directly.
- Eliminates a circumstance where maps were very slow to appear on watch.

v9.2.48 January 2019

 R1 of Wear OS / CASIO

v9.1.48 Novermber 2018

 Norway, Australia and Spain subscriptions
 Using the paywall screens for many non-subscription purchases from the map shop
 Bug fixes

v9.1.34 Novermber 2018

 bug fixes
 adds the Moto G5 to the list of devices needing the faster drawing switch enabled by default

v9.1.14 October 2018

— Paywall
 bug fixes

v9.0.6 September 2018

— Get more with our new PREMIUM packages. PREMIUM includes Skyline, 3D Flyovers, BuddyBeacon, and unlimited Offline Maps.
Or, check out our new PREMIUM + Map bundles with detailed topographic maps in select countries: UK, USA, France, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, and Belgium.

8.5.46 July 2018

- map promo button
- improved save map selector

8.5.34 June 2018

- bug fixes

8.5.2 April 2018


8.4.1 April 2018

- Improves how you save offline maps after downloading a route
- Features more offline map styles when downloading a route 
- Get notified when your routes are reviewed
- switch for the gyro sensor in Skyline, defaulting off on Landrover devices, on for all others
- Bug fixes (map list refresh)

8.3.92 March 2018

- Adds a switch to Settings > GPS controlling whether GPS altitude is corrected to mean sea level.
- The map tile download grid green and red shading no longer flashes instantly off.
- A couple of other fixes.

8.3.62 February 2018

- fixed crash at start-up issues

8.3.58 February 2018

- Bug fixes

8.3.50 January 2018

- New way to save online maps.
- New GB OS map subscrioption.
- Improvement to map management - single "Maps" entry and no more "On device / My maps" tabs.

8.1.22 November 2017

- Push notifications.
- Faster startup, with copyright moved to a link on each map.
- Control of notifications and email from within settings.
- Track privacy setting.
- New style settings screens.
- Other fixes and design improvements.
- The rotary crown on some Android Wear watches now zooms the map.

8.1.2 October 2017

- Discovery 2 release

8.0.14 September 2017

- Fixes include auto upload tracks when they stop; the map on track details no longer drops tiles; track upload should have fewer duplicates; Don't change scale on zooming is fixed; some crash fixes; a fix for bad characters in route details on Android 4.1.

8.0.4 August 2017

- New branding, icons and colours, plus improved Discovery screen.

7.5.56 August 2017

- More watch map fixes.
- Various crash fixes.
- Improved handling of route download errors
- Fixed issue that prompt to rate on Play Store was no longer showing.
- fixes for the beacon authentication issue
- creating the ViewRanger folder
- track graph axes

7.3.78 June 2017

- Swedish and Russian languages.

7.3.72 June 2017

- Social sign in.

7.3.38 May 2017

- New channel for publishing content

7.3.36 April 2017

- Android Wear 2

7.0.50 March 2017

- crash fixes
- fixes when using nautical units.
- Discovery feed enhancements

7.0.44 February 2017

- Improvements to map funnel purchasing
- A fix for the coordinate entry panel in German
- Improvement to screen tips
- Improvement to splash screen
- crash fixes

7.0.38 January 2017

- New button styles
- Slow start-up fix
- bug fixes

7.0.28 December 2016

- Map funnel update (changes to the in-app map shop).

7.0.26 December 2016

- Several crash fixes
- Waypoints that have names ending in numbers are no longer automatically targets, they need an icon or description change too
- Waypoints that are targets now behave properly as you zoom out
- It is no longer required that the device has a camera
- Fixes some missing POI icons
- Fixes the problem where many viewranger.com links are intercepted.
- Fixes the issue of being stuck offline if they had "Remember offline setting" on and had last used v6.4 set to offline.
- Fix to beacon repeat

7.0.8 November 2016

6.4.34 September 2016

We have now made it easy to add tweets and images to your tracks.

- We have made it easy to link your Twitter and Flickr images accounts to ViewRanger
- Enhanced track screens: you can now show Tweets and Flickr images on your tracks to tell the story of your adventures.
- Easy to add Tweets and images to your tracks.
- Fixes opening QR codes on Android 5 and 6.
- Fixes opening the help page in the app.
- Fixes some problems to do with the online map list, and in particular a multi-minute delay starting the app with a weak data connection.

6.3.40 July 2016

- Bug fixes

6.3.28 June 2016

- Bug fixes

6.2.52: The software adds:

New ways to manage your maps:
- Purchased maps are now displayed in an easily accessible list within 'My Maps' to be re-downloaded.
- Re-download owned map tiles easily.
- Easily remove saved maps from your device to free up extra space and then re-download when required.
- Manage maps across multiple devices.

Height data now comes bundled up with maps, and are downloaded automatically with the maps, so you no longer have to download altitude files separately. 

Track/Route previews now appear overlaid on top of preview maps.

6.0.128  This release had various buddy beacon and syncing fixes.

6.0.120 - Fix for Android Wear to display the coordinates and heading when they are available.


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