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1.1. Latest release

The minimum iOS version is currently 9.3

Release Version

10.1.2 June 2019 

 auto route plotting


10.1.1 May 2019 

 bug fixes

v10.0.1  April 2019

10.1.0 (519) May 2019 

 new route plotting

- Searching for places, people, and route guides has moved to the Main (•••) tab.
- Go to Position has moved to the Map screen under the + button.

v10.0.0  March 2019

- new track photos

v9.3.2  February 2019

- bug fixes

v9.3.0/1  February 2019

- New map shop

v9.2.3  February 2018

- Track security bug fix release.

v9.2.2  January 2019

- Casico R1
- tap, tap "locate me" fix.

v9.2.0  December 2018

- Comparison Paywall
- bug fixes
- Fix differences between track details and track list distances
- Social sharing for routes (to match tracks)

v9.1.3  November 2018

 bug fixes

v9.1.2  November 2018

 Norway, Australia and Spain subscriptions
 New paywall screens for non subscription products
 iPhone xs max screen fixes
 bug fixes

v9.1.1  November 2018

iOS 12 support
support for the new Apple Watches
 map promotion button improvements
 links that end in = should work correctly now
 bug fixes

v9.1.0  October 2018

-  Paywall
 bug fixes

v9.0.0  September 2018

-  Premium Edition renamed to "ViewRanger 2018"

 Get more with our new PREMIUM packages. PREMIUM includes Skyline, 3D Flyovers, BuddyBeacon, and unlimited Offline Maps.
Or, check out our new PREMIUM + Map bundles with detailed topographic maps in select countries: UK, USA, France, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, and Belgium.

v8.6.4  August 2018

- Appsee
- better track pause

v8.6.2  July 2018

- new map finder button on map

v8.5.2  June 2018

- fix is for the "download tiles" bar not responding
- fix to do with getting the list of maps a user has access to (disappearing saved regions/blank map)

v8.5.1  May 2018

- Bug fixes

v8.5.0 (412) May 2018

- New track recording UI

v8.3.3 April 2018

- NZ & Canada subscription
- Improved activity feed notifications when your route gets a review

v8.3.2 March 2018

- Routes downloads negative balance bug fix.
- new premium icon

v8.3.1 February 2018

- Saving of online maps added to the route download "maps with that".
- bug fixes

v8.3.0 January 2018

- New GB Ordnance Survey map subscription
- Improved Maps organizer (removed on device and my maps tabs).
- Improved way to download online maps

v8.2.0 November 2017

- Discovery 2
- AR Footsteps in Skyline
- barometer support for Watch 3
- and various fixes

v8.1.1 November 2017

- iPhone X optimisations

v8.1.0 October 2017

- Push notifications
- A change to the off route notification when following a route via your watch
- Improved start up time
- Simpler launch screen
- Map copyright moved to a legal button displayed on the map

v8.0.2 October 2017

- Lots of fixes for the watch and iOS 11.

v8.0.1 September 2017

- iOS 11 and Watch OS 4 support, and our new watch app
- bug fixes

v8.0.0 August 2017

- new branding, icons and colours
- improvements to Discovery tab.

v7.6.5 August 2017

- Improvements to rate / review route prompt.
- Various crash fixes.
- Removed some route download prompts, like those for media or when the route is free.
- In the feed include cards for route rating events.
- The locate button defaults to locate only, no compass shown.
- In maps with that, the whole blue button now responds to touch.
- Route heads no longer disappear from map in discovery.
- Issue stopping routes opening on iPad 3 fixed.

v7.6.4 July 2017

- Map funnel improvements.
- with two fixes: one where tracks could only be started with a Internet connection; the other where routes could not be added to the watch.

v7.6.2 June 2017

- New Swedish langauge

v7.6.1 June 2017

- New Russian langauge
- New route rating and review

v7.6.0 May 2017

- New route overview screens
- Stops crash when merge tiles
- Other bug fixes

v7.5.1 May 2017

- Fix to iOS8 issues

KNOWN ISSUE:  - buttons missing sometimes on tile download screen.  Work around;  close the app fully, turn to portrait, and open the app again.

v7.4.3 May 2017

- New channel for publishing content

v7.4.2 April 2017

- new feed feature no longer requests data at start-up but only when needed

v7.4.1 April 2017

- new feed under the profile tab
- bug fixes

v7.3.1 March 2017

- Option to silence off route alarms from watch when following a route from phone
- Watch taps you sooner when following a route from phone
- Fixes an issue which could stop route stats ever getting updated on watch
- Fixed a problem downloading routes when out of credit.
- Fixed 2 crashes, including the one affecting the off route alarm on iOS 9 devices.

known issue under iOS8 only;
In route details, and there is no current location available from the GPS, the app crashes.  Workaround is to lock to GPS first, then go to route details.

v7.3.0 March 2017

Watch v3, where you see the track on the watch, and can follow routes on the phone, with that reflected on the watch

7.2.1 February 2017

7.2.0 December 2016

7.1.1 November 2016

7.1.0 November 2016

7.0.1 November 2016

7.0.0 November 2016


- new track media tab


- bug fixes


- it adds the automatic height data;
- auto uploads tracks with control of privacy;
- fixes some crashes; is quicker to start.
- tab bar icon updates, the sign post for Discovery and the 3 dots '...' for menu.

note:  Restarting the  app does not check for new maps now - you have to use Load data to do that.


- Newly designed track page, with better sharing.
- Bug fix for workouts in the AppleWatch app, workout sessions now finishes when track stops recording.
- Some small visual enhancements and bug fixes.


Version 6.2.0 was released in March 2016.  Itadds a new map management section under menu tab (top right, cog) > My maps.  It shows the maps on your device, and the maps you own, letting you easily re-download them. Selections of saved online maps sync automatically between your devices.

There are also various bug fixes including:

6.1.5 / 6.1.6

It contains some crash fixes; fixes to the side bar on iPad in landscape orientation.  It also has a troubleshooting setting to work round an iOS 9 crash - crashes when zooming or panning the map, you should try switching "Enable anti-aliasing"  off.


iOS2 watch support, Synch time not been reset fix, GPS in background bug, The Menu tab icon has changed to a Cog icon so both the iOS and Android apps are now consistent. Other bug fixes.

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