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12.3. Searching and downloading routes

You can download pre-planned routes from other users and publishers.  Some routes are free and others paid for.  Once you have a route downloaded to the mobile device you can get the app to follow the route.

Discovery tab

You search for for routes using the Discovery tab in the tab bar. Routes that are found nearby are shown on the map. The start point of each route is marked with an icon.

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Choose a route

When you select one of these route start points, a new top bar appears. This gives the name of the route, its publisher, length, difficulty and rating. The first line or two of the description is shown, as is its price.
To download / purchase the full route, tap the download or purchase button.

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Filtering routes

To be more selective tap the filter tabs. You can select more than one option in each section.

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Search for routes with Search tab

Press the Search tab, from where you can look for routes stored on the ViewRanger server. You can enter some text to search for routes that include that text. Or can search for routes around the current map location.
You'll see a list of routes. Tap on one to see its description. Some routes are free, others have a price.
If you'd like to download a route press the Download button at the bottom.

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Once downloaded you can see all the waypoints. For most routes each waypoint has a description and photo too.

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