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3. Verion 4.5

The changes in v4.5 are:
- Support for the iPhone 6/6+'s full screen resolution
- Set the user name and profile picture when registering or in settings
- Premium map tile download buttons
- Audio guides now play online as well as offline content at waypoints
- The app can open the in-app store deep links

Premium map tile download buttons

The Premium map tile download buttons is a easy way to quickly get the tiles.
If the map moves away from where you own tiles, and would otherwise see empty white screen, it now shows buttons giving your credit balance and the price of the tile. Press the button to download the tile.
If you zoom right in on a map, past where you could before, and there are tiles available, you'll also see the buttons.
You'll never see the buttons where previously you would have seen map, only where you would have seen white or not been able to zoom to.
To switch off the buttons use menu > Settings > Map > Tile purchase buttons.

Premium map tile download buttons


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