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2. ViewRanger version 6

Version 6.0 of ViewRanger is being released in April 2015. You will receive it through the App Store.


Welcome to ViewRanger 6: Helping you find the right adventure for you

Below is an overview of the new version of ViewRanger, version 6.

As well as the new look and feel, there will be elements which you will recognise from previous versions and in this way, we hope, assist in making the transition to the new version, smooth and easy.

If however you do get lost or confused, then visit our What's Gone Where page which will put you back on track!

There is also no need to worry about losing information stored in the current app version such as purchased maps, downloaded routes and tracks as these will not be affected by the update.

New Tabbed Layout

New tabbed layout

Our New Discovery Tab allows you to filter your route searches easily to suit your interests and needs.

Tap the Activity grid button to select which activities to include in your search. You can also filter on Route Length, Difficulty and Star rating. 

As well as your own and other users routes, you can browse an abundance of content from guidebook publishers and tourism brands.

Map Tab

Map tab

Tap the compass to show your real-time GPS position on the map. Use the zoom buttons either side as required. The Options button is now in the bottom left of the screen and our New button in the bottom right allows you to record a track, follow a route, plot waypoints and add Points of Interest.

My Adventures

Map tab
This tab allows you to view your tracks and routes, add/change your profile picture, name, add a cover photo and title.

You can also see who you are following as well as see your followers.


Place name search
From this tab you can search places, routes, people/brands or coordinates

And not forgetting the all-important menu button!


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