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4.4. iPhone to iPhone transfer

This page explains how to move your maps from one iPhone or iPad to another iPhone or iPad. (In this article references to the iPhone apply equally to the iPad.)
There are 3 ways you can complete this task

iTunes Backup and Restore

The simplest way to switch from one iPhone/iPad to another is to use iTunes back up and restore.

(These instructions apply to iTunes 11. If you have iTunes 10, then instead right click on the device in the left hand column and choose Back up, then Restore backup.)

Over wifi using the app

Ensure you are connected to wifi.  Use the app to restore you map packages, tiles, custom maps and saved maps use Menu tab (in green bar), My maps and tap My maps tab.

Manual method

If you cannot use iTunes back up and restore to move to a new device (see previous section), then use the following manual steps:

1. Install the software

On the new device, run the App store app. Go into Updates, then My purchases, find ViewRanger, tap on it and install.

2. Copy the maps off the old device to your computer

See iTunes File Sharing for more on this.

3. Copy the maps from your computer to the new device

See iTunes File Sharing for more on this.

4. Start ViewRanger on the new device and sign in

When prompted, sign in to your ViewRanger account (or go to home menu ('>' in the top bar) > Settings > Account & license > Account sign in). You will probably be asked about adding the device - tick/check the option to add the new device (or replace an old one), then press Submit top right.

Your maps will be ready to use.

5. Troubleshooting

If your maps do not appear in home Menu tab, My maps, then go into Menu tab, Import/export and tap Load new data. Go back to Menu tab, My maps and check the maps have appeared.

If the map is already activated on another phone then, if not already done so, please register with my.viewranger.com. If you need more help with login to my.viewranger.com please see these instructions.

If the maps are listed but are shown as not licensed, make sure you have signed in. If you have, then contact support with details of your account.

6. Lost maps

If you have lost your maps:

Named maps that you bought in app, can be re-downloaded using Menu tab, My maps, Download history. They are free to download again.

Map tiles you downloaded using the download grid, can be downloaded again with the grid. If you have a lot of tiles, email support and we can provide a bundle.

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