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14.11. iOS7 and iPhone 5S and 5C

ViewRanger runs on the new iPhones, the 5C and 5S.


ViewRanger version 4, which was released at the start of September 2013, runs fine on iOS 7, with just a few minor issues listed below.

(Version 3.5 of ViewRanger cannot be used on iOS 7 - if you are using v3.5, please update.)


Upgrading to iOS 7 should not affect your maps, tracks and routes, but to be sure we recommend you make a full backup in iTunes before upgrading. To do this, connect the device to your computer and run iTunes. Select the iPhone or iPad button top right. Use the "Back Up Now" button in the Backups box.
If you do lose your maps, you can re-download them free of charge in-app, or contact us for help.

iOS 7 Known Problems

These are the 4 known problems with ViewRanger on iOS 7:

Online services not working

If you cannot access online services within ViewRanger, for example, the home menu ('>' in the top bar) > Store just stays blank:

(This Safari-specific setting is affecting other apps in iOS 7. We are reporting this as a problem to Apple.)

iPhone only, Trip View Missing Buttons

On the iPhone under iOS 7 buttons at the top of the Trip view are not displayed. They can still be pressed, but are invisible. This bug was reported to Apple, and we will add a workaround in the next version of ViewRanger.

iOS 6, buttons displayed iOS 7, buttons hidden
but still can be pressed

iPad only, details buttons incorrect

When you first bring up a details page on the iPad, or go from one type of object to another (for example, a route to a waypoint), the buttons in the details panel are not all shown. If you select another object of that type they reappear. The same functions are accessible from the action bar above the map. Or select another item then select the original item again.

iPad only, portrait orientation, side bar slightly cut off

In portrait orientation the side bar is very slightly cut off - just the top few pixels of text or image. This affects Details, Organizer, Settings, Store and so on. It is fine in landscape.

iOS 7, iPad, buttons on Details
page cut off
iOS 7, iPad, top of side bar
slightly cropped, portrait only

iPad Mini

ViewRanger runs on the iPad Mini. As with all iPads, the wifi-only iPad does not contain a GPS, so you will not be able to see your location, record tracks, navigate or send the beacon. The 3G/4G/cellular iPads do contain a GPS, so all functionality is available.     

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