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4.3. Charity sponsorship events

If you are planning a charity event that involves an outdoor activity you can utilize our free tools to generate interest from potential sponsors.

Free tools include

Getting the ViewRanger software

Start the software and create an account when prompted. This creates an account in My.ViewRanger.com as well.

Using the OpenMaps

Here is how to use the free OpenMaps in the app.

Planning your Route

You can use our website My.ViewRanger.com for route planning as follows;

Once you have the route in the site you can show it off to potential sponsors and Synchronize the route to the app on your mobile device.

Search for a pre-planned route

In My.ViewRanger.com click Routes & Tracks,  Search for Routes. You can filter the search by type.

If the route is chargeable you will need to purchase some credit.

Create your own route from scratch

In My.ViewRanger.com click Routes & Tracks > Create route from scratch.

You can use the Route Generation tool to aid you or plot manually.

Create a route from a GPX

Some sites publish routes via GPX files. These can be imported into My.ViewRanger.com.

In My.ViewRanger.com click Routes & Tracks > Create route from GPX.

Show off the Route

Copy the code

Once you have your planned route available in My.ViewRanger.com you can use our tools to show it off to potential sponsors.

In My.ViewRanger.com click Routes & Tracks > View my routes and tracks.

Your route will be listed under Routes I've created or Routes I've purchased.

If you created the route, you will need to publish it before you can show it off. Click the Edit icon. Click the Route information icon. In the pop-up set the Sharing status to Public and save.

There are quick tools to share the route in the left column but of most interest is the Show off this Route! section at the bottom of the column. Copy the widget code and embed into your HTML on your website or blogg and it will appear like this example.

Synchronize feature

To get the route from My.ViewRanger to the app on your device. While in the app, do the following, and the route will download via a wireless connection.



Use the BuddyBeacon feature in the app and our web page www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon to display you progress along your event.

How to setup BuddyBeacon sending in the app

Record BuddyBeacon track

You want to let your sponsors see your whole track (not just the last position) so make sure you set this up correctly in My.ViewRanger.com and in the ViewRanger app, using the instructions above.

BuddyBeacon web page tips

Battery life

You need to seriously consider battery life of your device. You can expect a fully charged device to last a daylight day but you should run your own tests. The last thing you want is you track to stop recording half way through a stage!

Consider having a backup device, configured in the same way as you main one, and consider investing in a portable charging product.

The Day of the Event

Doing the following helps to generate interest in your event.

Record your track

A track is a line drawn on the map showing where you have traveled.
By default, the app will record your track when you lock to GPS.
To start/stop recording a track use stopwatch icon.

Photo tip

If you are going to take pictures on your GPS enabled device; in the camera app settings, enable geo tagging, before you take any shots.

After the Event

When you have completed the event you should publish your recorded track as a TripStories in My.ViewRanger and share it.

Commercial/Large events

Custom page

Please get in contact if you are running a large charity or commercial event and we can advise based on your specific needs.


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