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4.2. Viewing Premium maps in My.ViewRanger

Some premium maps can be viewed in My.ViewRanger.

Countries available

The countries available are:

Viewing the premium maps

Premium maps are shown in route, track and editor views, but are not shown in the route search view.

To view the premium maps, switch the map choice in the top right to "Auto" or the country of your choice.

Except for New Zealand, you only see the 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 maps that you own, or to which you have a subscription.

As you zoom in and out, the view will change the displayed map or scale. All countries have a free overview map, and switch to and from Open Street Map when you zoom to the extremes.

If you see a message saying you do not own a tile, then:

If you buy a map then you can view it in My.ViewRanger - for example, download the tile using your phone, or buy and activate a pre-chosen map.


Missing maps?

If you have bought premium maps and do not see them in My.ViewRanger:

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