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3.1. Network connection

ViewRanger has been designed to work without a mobile phone connection. The majority of its features do not require a connection.

The position is obtained using built-in GPS. The maps and points of interest are stored on the memory card.

There are some optional additional features that do need a mobile network. The network doesn't need to be 3G, it just needs to support data connections, which most do.

The optional features which use the mobile network's data connection are:


  • The sharing facility, which allows you to share points of interest, photos and notes. You can wait and share these items when you have a mobile signal, or are at home or if your phone has wifi do it at home for free. You do need the network to see what other people have shared, though you can store the results of searches as new POI sets. For example, you might search for mines in the Lake District, receive a list of shared POIs and save this as a POI set on your phone. It will appear in the filter so you can switch it on and off, then can delete it if you wish when you are finished with it.


  • Updating the licensed POI data stored on the memory card, which you'd normally do every so often from home.


  • Search. You can search the POIs on your phone and the gazetteer without using the internet connection. If you choose to use the internet too you'll get some additional results, but this is optional.


  • Some phones have an Assisted GPS or A-GPS option. This uses the built-in internal GPS to calculate your location, but it also makes a data connection to a server to obtain satellite information to enable the phone to calculate your position faster and more accurately. If you are out of mobile coverage then the phone reverts to using just the internal GPS. The data transferred using this method is very small.


  • Map download. Normally ViewRanger's maps are pre-installed before setting out. They can be downloaded using a broadband connection or received on CD, DVD or memory card. You can also download additional mapping directly within ViewRanger using a network connection.

Note: the most important features, such as showing where you are on the map, recording the track, and showing navigation information do not require a network connection.

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