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8.1. Free Online Maps

ViewRanger can display free online mapping from ViewRanger Landscape and Open Cycle Map. This mapping is downloaded to your phone as it is needed. The maps are then cached on the phone. If the mobile network is not available, or if you choose to work offline, then ViewRanger will display as much of the map as it can using the cached tiles.

Automatically pre-download and manage areas of Online Open maps using the layer button in the top right, Save for offline use.  See related page at the foot of this page.

Online maps; a worldwide overview is shown; the map as it downloads tiles

Through levels of detail; Open Cycle Map shows cycle routes, contours and facilities.

 OpenCycleMaps  OpenCycleMaps

Maps in screen grabs © 2010 CloudMade or Open Cycle Map Map data CCBYSA 2010 OpenStreetMap.org contributors Terms of Use


Start viewing online maps

To swap online map layers press layer button in the top right and press Online maps.

These maps are downloaded as they are needed using the phone's internet connection. The map tiles downloaded are cached on the phone.

Interact with the map

As you pan or zoom, ViewRanger downloads more map tiles to cover the screen. Each zoom level uses a different map tile.

Swap to a different map

Many styles of online map are available:
Open Cycle Map is based on Open Street Map, but with an emphasis on cycling. Major cycle routes are shown, and in many locations contours are too.

Press the Menu tab (in green bar) "Maps" and select Online maps, you'll see options to choose the different types of open mapping - choose one and View on map. ViewRanger will change to displaying that map.
To go back to normal premium maps, again Press the Menu tab (in green bar) "Maps" and select the map you'd like to see.

Automatically cache maps

Pre-download and manage areas of Online Open maps using the new "Save for offline use" under the layer button in the top right.

Advanced topics

Manage the cache (disregarded for maps download with Create Saved Map)

Map tiles are stored in the MapCache folder within the ViewRanger folder.
You can control the maximum size of this cache by going to the Maps section of Settings. It defaults to 100MB.
Once the cache reaches that size, the oldest file will be deleted to free more space.
You can clear the cache while viewing online maps by going to the Maps section of Settings and selecting "Clear map cache".

Coordinate display

When viewing online maps by default coordinates are shown using the global UTM coordinate system.
To see local coordinates, for example GB national grid, go to Settings, then into UI, and set "National grid" to the coordinate type you'd like to see.
If you view maps outside the area that is valid for those coordinates, the software will revert to UTM.


To see the copyright and license details for the current map, use the Menu tab (in green bar) "My maps" Online maps and press the map source. You can click on links to see the full license statements.
The copyright details are also shown when ViewRanger starts.


Online maps use free map sources and the level of detail available varies greatly.

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