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14.10. Map tiles optimising

Optimising maps

If you have downloaded a lot of map tiles, for example over a hundred, then you may find that ViewRanger becomes a bit slow to start. You can solve this by optimising the maps. To do this go to the Menu tab, My maps and into the list of Maps. Then select the country of choice to view all associated maps and tiles data.

Select a specific tile and it's details view will be shown. If the selected tile has neighbouring tiles that can be merged into a single file, then at the top-right side of the navigation tool bar you will see the option to Optimise the currently selected tile.
(Note: ViewRanger will merge all the suitable tiles of that layer together. It only merges tiles that are reasonably close to the selected tile)

During the optimisation process, the application should not be interrupted. If the application enters sleep or background modes, this process will be halted. The merge operation will be cancelled and individual tiles will not be modified.

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