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3.3. USA users

There are three versions of the app; Premium, Open and USA.
In all three versions of the app, the functionality is the same, and you can upgrade to premium maps in-app.
Start the app from the icon.

Unlimited online maps

Unlimited Online topographic mapping for USA (Access to these map types to around 1:24,000 detail: USA Topo, USGS Topo, USA Land Cover, and USA Slopes. Only USGS Topo is available for Alaska.
They are included with the USA app edition of ViewRanger.
These map layers are streamed from the Internet but can be saved for offline usage, using the map options button, in the top right corner of the map screen, Save for Offline use.
This is accessed from the map tab.
Tap the button with 2 tiles stacked upon another, then if necessary select Online Maps, choose one of the maps which will return you to the map screen with the chosen map displayed.
Again tap the map options button, then select the option Download a Custom Offline Area.

Further details can be found at the product link in our web shop here:  



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