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14.9. In App Purchase – Troubleshooting

Most in-app purchase problems can be correct by closing the app by following these instructions;

To close the ViewRanger application completely, first press the home button to put ViewRanger into the background. Then double press the home button which brings up the tasks bar.  Swipe up the ViewRanger app. You can then close the tasks bar by clicking the home button a couple of times.

Now try to download again.

If you are told you don't have permission to purchase in app, leave ViewRanger and go to the phone's Settings app. Go into General, scroll down to Restrictions. Under Allowed content check that in app purchases are enabled.

In app purchase can be slow to respond, especially when iTunes is busy. Be patient.

If you cancel an in app purchase it can be worth leaving ViewRanger and re-starting to try again.

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