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4.1. Changing to a new device

When you change phone, for example due to an upgrade or a replacement, then to move ViewRanger to the new phone follow the instructions below.  You can also use these same instructions, if your phone has been wiped or you have lost the maps some way or if you have an additional device.

On the existing device, in the ViewRanger app, use Menu tab (3 dots in green bar), Synchronize content.  This uploads your routes and tracks to the website http://my.viewranger.com so they can later be downloaded to the new device.  If you have lots of POI's that must be kept as well, please contact support, before discarding your old device.

1. Download latest software

Install the ViewRanger app from the 'Play Store' app on your device.

2. Sign into your account

When you run the app it will prompt you to sign in. Be sure to use the same account as you used on your previous device. 

(Alternatively sign in via Menu Tab (3 dots, green bar), My Account and sign in.)

3.  Configure storage

If your device has an SD card, you may wish to configure the storage so Maps are written to the SD Card.

To do this, goto Menu tab (3 dots in green bar), Settings, Storage, Maps folder, SD card and force close the app or restart the device.

4. Download maps

On your new device, ensure you are connected to wifi.  Restore you map packages, tiles, custom maps and saved maps by going to Menu tab (3 dots, green bar), Maps. Here you can download your maps:


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