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4. Beta releases and history

Currently no public beta

ViewRanger for iPhone and iPad, version 4.1

This page records the history of beta version for ViewRanger for iPhone/iPad version 4.

ViewRanger version 4.1 / 4.2

In October 2013 we are beta testing version 4.1 / 4.2 of ViewRanger for iPhone and ipad. If you would like to take part, please contact support@viewranger.com.

Map and purchase related:

Tracks & GPS:


Action Bar & Map View:


iOS 7 fixes:


Version 4.0

v4.1.25, 24th Oct 2013

v4.0.11, 27th Aug 2013

v4.0.10, 14th Aug 2013

v4.0.9, 13th Aug 2013

v4.0.8, 9th Aug 2013

v4.0.7, 6th Aug 2013

v4.0.6, 2nd Aug 2013

v4.0.5, 30th Jul 2013

v4.0.4, 26th Jul 2013

v4.0.3, 19th July 2013

Various fixes:

v4.0.2, 16th July 2013

Various fixes:

v4.0.1, 12th July

Various fixes:

v4.0.0, 10th July

First beta version.

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