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13.2. Sharing tracks

When it comes to sharing your tracks with other people and applications you have three options;

Upload tracks to website

Before tracks can be shared they must be uploaded to the my.viewranger.com web site and set as public.
To upload an individual track tap the track on the map screen and use Sharing, upload. Alternatively, use Profile tab, Tracks, tap the track and use Upload.
To upload all tracks, use Menu tab, Synchronize content.

Track privacy options

A track can be set to public or private. If you want other users to see your tracks they must be set to public.  We don't support closed groups.

Global level privacy settings

Global track privacy setting (public or private) can be set in the my.viewranger.com web site by using My Account, My Profile, Track preferences and press save. This will apply to all new tracks. To change the privacy of all old track use the menu item Routes and track, My tracks and the Edit all button at the top.

Track level privacy setting

If you prefer to change the privacy of individual tracks from within the app or on the website.

In the app

To make an individual recorded track public or private in the app, go to Home key > (in top bar) and then the ViewRanger Store. Tap on your profile picture, then under Latest Tracks tap on the track, scroll down to Edit Details and use the Public tick box.

On the website

Go to your My.ViewRanger account, select Routes > My tracks > Edit (next to your chosen track) > untick/tick the Public box.

Share tracks with other people within the app

You can share tracks directly within the app. This works in combination with the my.viewranger.com web site.

Sharing from the your profile

If the track is already uploaded to the web site, you can share the track in the app using  Profile tab, tap on the track and sharing icon is near the top of the screen.

Share tracks with other people with the website

If the track is already uploaded you can share tracks directly with the http://my.viewranger.com web site.
Log into the site the use Routes and tracks, My tracks. Click on the track name and sharing tools such as facebook and twitter will be displayed on public tracks.

Share tracks by turning the track into a published route

It is easy to convert a track to a route.  Preview the track at my.viewranger.com then use the menu button and 'create route from this track'.  Then, in the route list, edit the route.  Add text and pictures.  Publish the route to our route database where other users can find, download and follow.  See related page below.

Sharing tracks with other people and applications using GPX files

Tracks can be exported to GPX files from within the app or via the website. GPX is an open format supported by many different web sites and applications. For more information see the related page at the foot of then page.

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