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12.2. Watching a beacon

The buddy beacon allows you to share your location with other people. They can see your position, and tweets, by entering your user name and your PIN number on a web page or on a handset running ViewRanger. You can send your location once, or can send it repeatedly. Likewise you can choose to locate either an individual or a list of people once, or can check their location repeatedly.

Locate on web site


To locate beacons on the web site www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon just add the buddy.

Beacon Controls

Beacon controls

Beacons and trackers are controlled from Options, BuddyBeacon menu.  The menu contains these additional items that relate to watch\track:

Locate now

To locate an individual buddy.
You can also locate an individual buddy by going to the Menu tab, My beacon and tracker list, buddy list, highlighting the buddy, then long press and choosing 'Locate now'.
Note: Locate Now option does not require Watch/track to be switched on.


To watch an individual buddy and track it over time. You will be shown a list of buddies and trackers to choose from. It includes an item to add a new buddy or tracker. You will be asked to choose the interval to report on the beacon locations.
You can also watch a list of buddies by going to the buddy list, highlighting the buddy, then long press and choosing Watch/track.
You can use the Options, BuddBeacon, Stop watch / track to stop the interval reporting for the location.

Note: if the located buddy is outside the bounds of the active coordinate/country system, ViewRanger does not change to show that country - you need to do that yourself using the Organizer's Maps list.

Buddy select list

Buddy list

Selecting any beacon control option will prompt you to select the buddy you wish to watch, Locate or Navigate to.

View Buddy on Map

Buddy on map

Buddies are displayed on the map using the selected icon.

If you tap on a buddy from the Map view, you will see the Buddy context menu.


Buddy list

Buddy on map

To access the Buddy Beacon list view, select Menu tab, My beacon and tracker list, Buddy list.

Retrieva Dog Collar

A buddy can be a Retrieva dog collar. The collar needs to be reporting its position using GPRS (not SMS), and you need to have set it up as a ViewRanger buddy using the Retreiva panel. Here are the instructions provided by Retrieva.

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