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12.1. Sending your beacon

The buddy beacon allows you to share your location with other people. They can see your position, and tweets, by entering your user name and your PIN number on a web page or on a handset running ViewRanger. You can send your location once, or can send it repeatedly. Likewise you can choose to locate either an individual or a list of people once, or can check their location repeatedly.

Note that to use the beacon you need a Premium subscription  the core Premium, or any of the Premium + map subscriptions.

Common Questions

BuddyBeacon is straight forward.  A mobile internet data connection is required.  There are two separate parts to it; sending a beacon and watching a beacon. The app sends your GPS coordinates, user name and PIN to our server. Anyone wishing to see your location then supplies the user name and PIN to our sever and it tells you it's last reported position.

What is my beacon PIN?

You are asked by the software to set your PIN when you first send your beacon.  Subsequently it can be changed in Menu tab, My beacon and tracker list, Beacon Settings, Settings, Beacon PIN. You must transmit the beacon again after changing the PIN.

What is my beacon name?

Check in Menu tab, Settings , My Account, Sign in as Different User, Existing user,  your Username is displayed in the username field. This is your user name as it appears in this field. User name is case sensitive.

Beacon controls (sending your beacon)

Beacon controls

Beacons and trackers are controlled from Options, BuddyBeacon menu.

Repeat Beacon on/off - switches the buddy beacon repeat on and off. When it is on the beacon reports your position regularly, as long as the GPS has a position fix.

Send beacon now – this sends a single immediate beacon report, using the GPS position as the beacon location or, if no GPS lock, the visible map centre.

The last few items are discussed in Buddy Beacon Watching (see foot of this page).


Status information

Information on when the beacon was last sent appears in the title bar.

Check your beacon


Once you have sent your beacon you can test to at www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon and add your own buddy.

Beacon settings

Beacon settings

The beacon settings are found in Menu tab, My beacon and tracker list, Beacon Settings.  The Beacon Settings menu contains these items:

Beacon PIN – enter a 4 digit PIN. This should be a number that you are happy to tell those you want to see your location. To change the PIN simply type a different number there and transmit the beacon.

Update frequency – controls how often the beacon is sent. When set to 2 minutes the beacon will be sent every 2 minutes.

Auto start beacon – if this is switched on, then ViewRanger will start transmitting the beacon as soon as ViewRanger starts and has a GPS lock.

Send old positions – normally ViewRanger only records and shows the last position sent. Some people prefer it to show a history, which can be enabled using my.viewranger.com. This switch tells ViewRanger that if it can't send a position report because there is no mobile network coverage, it should keep that position and send it when there is network coverage. This avoids gaps in trails in the buddy beacon view.

 Beacon profile

Your beacon profile is made up on information stored on the my.viewranger.com web site.  It controls Beacon track, Beacon profile image and Twitter feed.
Login in to my.viewranger.com.

Beacon track

To tell the server to store your track switch on go into the profile page, scroll down and under "BuddyBeacon Status" set "Record BuddyBeacon Track" to "yes" and press the Save profile button.  To clear the history press the "Clear track" button.  Ensure Send old positions is turned on under settings in the app (see below).

Beacon image

Edit you profile page, as paragraph above, and update the image to be displayed.

Twitter feed

Any tweets you make within the time line will be displayed on the web page if you set this up in My ViewRanger Account > Plug ins and set the twitter account name and optional hash tag if you wish the page to only pick up certain tweets during the time line.

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