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10.1. Searching and downloading routes

You can download pre-planned routes from other users and publishers. Some routes are free and others paid for. Once you have a route downloaded to the mobile device you can get the app to follow the route.

Search for routes via Discover tab

Discovery tab

You search for for routes using the Discovery tab in the tab bar. Routes that are found nearby are shown on the map. The start point of each route is marked with an icon.


Search for routes via Search tab

From the Search tab, select Route category from where you can look for routes stored on theViewRanger server.
You can enter some text to search for routes that include that text. Or can search for routes around the current map location.
You'll see a list of routes. Tap on one to see its description. Some routes are free, others have a price.
If you'd like to download a route press the Download button at the top right of the Details screen, or at the bottom.
You can also search for routes using the map view's Search button, and see the results on the map.
In the map view press Search button and choose Search for routes nearby. A number of icons will appear showing route start points.
Select one by tapping on it. Its name appears at the top of the screen. To see its details select Details.
Once downloaded you see all the waypoints. For most routes each waypoint has a description and photo too. Select a waypoint and choose Details to see the description.

Route search Route details

Search for routes by computer

You can now also search, preview and purchase routes from the PC/MAC via our my.viewranger.com web site. Once you are registered on the site your purchased routes will automatically synchronize with the device. If you need more help with login to my.viewranger.com please see these instructions.

Clear search results

To clear the search results use the X button.

Buying routes

Some routes are free but not all. To pay for a route buy and activate a ViewRanger credit top-up pack. These give you up to 1000 credits, which is enough for 10 typical routes.
Once downloaded you can see all the waypoints. For most routes each waypoint has a description and photo too. To select a waypoint tap the route and press Waypoints in the action bar.

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