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10.4. Automated route planning on the computer

Routes can be planned in the app or on the computer. Planning the route on the computer lets you use the big screen and the Automated Trail Route Planning feature to save time.
A route is a list of waypoints, which mark out a planned trip.

Log-in at My.ViewRanger.com using your ViewRanger account details.

Automated GPS Trail Route Planning - On-Road and Off-Road

The site uses a range of routing engines to analyse the terrain, and available rights of way, to offer the best path between waypoints - on-road and off-road. Whether you are backpacking, mountain biking, horse riding - whatever your outdoor passion - it can speed your trail planning by a huge amount.

The new Route Generation tool provides the option to use the assistance of automated route planning to make it plotting routes even quicker. You can use Route Generation over any of the map layers - including Ordnance Survey, OSNI, Ordnance Survey Ireland, IGN France - available in your My.ViewRanger account. A single tap of the finger synchronises website and your mobile device so that the planned route is ready to use and follow with the ViewRanger app.

The tool should work pretty much worldwide. Whilst it may not always provide a route that you expect (and may in some circumstances not be able to provide a route in a certain area), you can mix auto-generated segments of a route with manually plotted segments, and you can drag waypoints to regenerate any route segments.

Route Generation Engine

Route generation tool may include routing based on:

Example Screens

Add waypoints

Tap the map to add waypoints. A straight line is drawn between the two waypoints.

Calculates Contours

Contours to road/trail

After a short pause, the line contours itself to the road/trail.

Reposition Waypoints

Reposition waypoints

Re-position any waypoint, by dragging to a new position.

Re-calculates contours

Re-calulate segment

The route segment will re-calculate.


  1. Log into My.ViewRanger.com.
  2. Click Routes > Create a route from scratch.
  3. Select the map layer required in the drop down list positioned in the top right of the map window.
  4. Turn on Route generation from the drop down list positioned in the top right of the map window.
  5. Pan and zoom the map to the start point of your trail you are about to plan.
  6. Tap the map to add the start waypoint.
  7. Tap the map again to add the second waypoint. A straight line is drawn between the two waypoints. After a short pause, the line contours itself to the road/trail. This creates a segment between the two waypoints you plotted. It creates additional waypoints (shown as small white squares) between.
  8. Continue to add waypoints.
  9. Use the Undo icon (see toolbar icons below) to remove the last segment. This is useful if the segment did not generate as you wished. Add the waypoint again, but in a closer position, to see if you get a better result.
  10. You can re-position any waypoint (shown as a white square), not just the last you added, by dragging the waypoint to a new position. The route segment will re-calculate.
  11. Use the Reset icon, to start again from scratch, if you want.
  12. When your route is complete press Save your route button.
  13. Lastly, on the device, in the ViewRanger app, use the Synchronize feature and your new route is downloaded wirelessly.

Top tips

  • If you are plotting the route on premium mapping, such as Ordnance Survey or IGN, but the route generation is not working as you expect (such as routing you around the long way!), switch to the OpenStreet map layer, and see if the roads/trails are joined as you expect.
  • Once you have created your route, turn off the route generation from the drop down, and then fine tune your route manually.
  • Automatic route generation within our service is provided on an information basis only and should not be solely relied upon. No representation is made or guarantee given as to the suitability of any route generated, and routes generated on the map are not a guarantee of a right of way. Augmentra Ltd uses information derived from third party data and has not checked that routes generated are legal, safe or accurate. You should always take responsibility for your own safety and compliance with the law.


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