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9.5. Track settings

Auto record track – switch recording a track automatically on and off. Note that the GPS must also be connected for the track to be recording.

Track minimum distance – the minimum spacing between track sample points. If set to 20m, a point will only be added to the track when you are 20m or more away from the previous point. Small values lead to a detailed track, big values to a less detailed track. Avoid values that are too small as they record all the natural GPS fluctuation, and avoid large values as they lead to missed corners.

Track minimum time – the minimum time between samples. If set to 10 seconds a point will only be added if it has been 10 seconds or more since the last sample.

Track split time – used when you start recording a track, this settings is used to decide whether to start a brand new track or extend the last one. At the default value of 60 minutes, if it has been 60 minutes or less since the last track was recorded, ViewRanger will extend that track. If it has been more than 60 minutes it will start a new track.

Track mark time – regularly space arrows are drawn along the track. This setting controls how far apart they are, the default is 5 minutes. Slide the slider to zero to switch them off.

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