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Map downloads within ViewRanger

You can download maps and other files within ViewRanger on the phone. These files can be quite large, so if you are not using a wifi connection check your data tariff. ViewRanger will tell you the size of a download before it starts (except in auto-download mode).

Quick summary

This is a quick summary of the download functionality. Read the following sections for a more detailed description and screen grabs.

  • To see which map layers and other items are available to download, go to Home menu > (top right) > Store section. Choose a country.
  • Download a free overview map before you begin.
  • To download an item, tap on it, scroll down and choose Download.
  • To download a map use the download grid in the overview map view. To switch this on, on the map screen, press Optiions, Get tiles.
  • Green tiles are already on the phone, red tiles are not.
  • To download the central tile, which has a bold outline, choose Download.
  • You are always told how large the download will be and what you will be charged, so you can cancel before incurring any charge or cost.
  • If you get stuck then follow the numbered Step-by-step getting started with downloads at the bottom of this page.

ViewRanger store section of Organizer

Downloads for Great Britain
To see the list of maps, POI sets and other materials that are available to download go to the

Home menu > (top right), then go into the Store.

The downloads list is split into separate categories. To list a country's layers press the By Country.

In the picture on the right there are free Miniscale maps and other paid for mapping. To download an item tap it. You will be shown a preview. If you wish to purchase, scroll down and tap Download. You'll be told how large the item is and if there is any charge.

When you tap a layer you'll see any relevant commands - for some there layers will be a Download item, for grid based layers there will be an option to view its grid on the map. For many layers you can choose to view them on the map - this swaps to the map view, panning and zooming to show the layer's bounds - though you'll only see the layer if you've actually downloaded it.

Downloads within the map view

Choose the grid scale
When downloading in the map view you should first switch on the download grid using Options, Get tiles. You'll be asked which scale and layer you'd like to use. Tap one.

The grid over a ref map
Note that the grid being displayed may not be for the map scale being displayed - if you are choosing maps of a new location you'll look at an overview map to choose your tiles.

A grid is drawn over the map. Each square tile can be downloaded individually. Green tiles are already on the phone, red squares are not. Grey tiles indicate that part of the tile may be on the phone.

As you move around the screen the tile that would be downloaded if you ask for it is drawn with a bold outline.

The grid's colour coding
To download the tile that is outlined in bold and choose Download.

Size and price
After a short pause ViewRanger will tell you how large the tile will be, how much you will be charged and what your balance will be after downloading the tile. Answer OK to confirm, Cancel to stop.

If you reply No then the tile is not downloaded and you are not charged.

Progress during download
If you say OK then the tile is downloaded and you are charged.

Progress is shown on screen. You can press the Cancel button to end the download and if you do so before it completes downloading you won't be charged.

The ViewRanger server remembers the tiles that you have downloaded and only charges you for new tiles. However, the server does not have a record of other map products you have bought, including custom maps, so avoid downloading duplicates.

It will only charge you for areas where there is a map. In Great Britain you are only charged for land, not sea - but other countries usually charge for any map.

Step-by-step getting started with downloads

Here's a detailed step-by-step breakdown of the steps to start downloading maps for a new country.

  1. Start ViewRanger on the phone and update the Downloads list - to do this go to Home menu > (top right), Store. ViewRanger will connect to the internet and update the list. You'll then see several countries listed.
  2. Press country you want to use. You'll then see a list of the maps and layers available. Most countries have a free overview map at the bottom of the list.
  3. To download a free overview map, tap it, scroll down and chooose Download. ViewRanger will tell how how large the map is and confirm it is free, then you can agree to download.
  4. Once you have downloaded an overview map, view it. You'll be returned to the map view, zoomed out to see the whole map.
  5. Zoom in several times using the zoom button.
  6. To download map squares, switch on the download grid. To do this, from the map screen, press Options, Get tiles. You'll be asked which scale you want to download. The grid is then shown over the map, each box being a map tile. Boxes surrounded by red are available to download, boxes surrounded by green are already on your phone.
  7. If the overview map does not have enough detail to select the map, then check the Downloads list for a more detailed overview map (there are for USA, UK and Netherlands). For some countires we recommend you download some intermediate small scale tiles.
  8. To download a map tile move the map so that the tile you want is at the screen centre and has a thick boundary. Tap the tile and choose Download. Once downloaded the boundary will be green. To actually see the map tile you downloaded zoom in a few times with the zoom button.