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Version 3.1.1 was released in April 2012. It contains:

  • New start up and sign in panels
  • Retina display
  • Much improved pinch zoom
  • Map magnification settings
  • Open GPX files from other programs (added in 3.1.1). For example, if you are emailed a GPX file, tap on the attachment in the email reader, tap the "open in" button top right, and you can choose to open the GPX attachment using ViewRanger.

Known issues:

  • In version 3.1.0 there was a problem with the trip view - if there is a compass in certain view layouts, trip view freezes. This has been fixed in v3.1.1 which can be updated from the App store. (The USA edition of 3.1.1 will be published as soon as it is approved by Apple.)

Updating the software

On your iPhone or iPad go into the App Store app and press Updates. ViewRanger will be listed if you have not yet updated - tap on it, then tap the update bottom near the top left.

Please note, before you update we recommend you:

  • Exit ViewRanger before updating the software. To close ViewRanger:
    • press the home button once to leave the app;
    • press the home button twice quickly to see the list of running apps;
    • press and hold on ViewRanger in the list of running apps until the red stop button appears;
    • press the red stop button; do *not* press if you see a black cross.

Version 3.0.1 was released in January 2012. It contains:

  • Fixes route graphs (now show intermediate points, not just waypoints) and a few other things.
  • Backup maps setting is split in two; premium maps are backed up during iTunes backup, by default, online maps are not. More information on iTunes backup procedure.
  • New Create saved map feature.

Version 2.2 release notes