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There are two versions of ViewRanger for Android - the release version, and the beta version. The beta version has the very latest changes, but may not be as reliable as the release.

The current beta release is 4.2.2. Beta releases are available from

To install the beta, use your phone's web browser to visit Tap on the Android logo to download. Drag down the phone's notification bar and tap on the downloaded file to install.

Note: if you currently use a Google Play / Android Market version of ViewRanger, then this replaces that version.

(The release software is v4.1.9 and is available from or from Google Play / Android Market.)

Many thanks to beta testers for their testing and feedback!


Version 4.2 Changes

The main changes in the Android v4.2 release are:

  • The Organizer has been re-styled, made easier to understand, and sorting options have been added.
  • Saving areas of online maps has been made more reliable.

See below for more details about these changes.

Update History

  • v4.2.2, 24th October 2013
    • If you enter a coordinate using Options > Manual location, the map now redraws when it moves.
    • The waypoint list is now in new Organizer style
    • Pressing and holding the map no longer shows a menu. (If you press where there are 2 or more items, you'll still the list to choose between them.)
    • The account sign in and new account screens have had slight style changes, and will also suggest an email address to fill in.
  • v4.2.1, 17th October 2013
    • Fixed a crash on start up on some old versions of Android.
  • v4.2.0, 16th October 2013
    • Initial release of v4.2.


The Organizer has been re-styled and sorting options have been added.

The Organizer has been re-styled. The main change on the front screen is that you can press the sync button next to routes or tracks to Synchronize.

Within the Route, Track and POI lists the changes are more extensive:

  • You can change the sort order of the list by tapping top left.
  • The sort options include: by name; by length; by nearby (how close they are to the centre of the map); by update time.
  • If you select a sort option, the list will sort by the most obvious order - so for update time, the most recent first. If you select "Sort by last updated" again, the order will be reversed.
  • The confusing status icons, like the yellow star, have been replaced with a textual status.
  • For routes, the type and difficulty is now displayed, as is the change time.

For the Buddy Beacon list, the on off switch has been replaced by a new eye icon. When you switch on watching, it is those buddies that have a green tick/check that are watched.

Saving Online Maps

CreateSavedMap Android v4 2.png

When you save an online map area, using Options > Created saved map, the app steps through the area requesting map tiles from a map server.

Sometimes a tile is not available, usually because the map server has no tile saved. Some servers will add that tile to a list to be created. Or there may have been a network glitch.

Previously ViewRanger was not very tolerant of errors, and would stop.

Now, ViewRanger keeps count of the errors, displaying this on the progress panel. As long as there are not too many errors it will continue saving. At the end, it will then retry the missed tiles. If they are still unavailable you can try them again later using menu > Organizer > Maps > My saved maps > affected map > Finish download.

Other changes

There are a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes too:

  • On some very high resolution screens, icons (POIs, waypoints, route start points, beacons) were displayed very small, and were hard to select. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for problem which caused a crash on start up for some people.
  • Fix for a problem where POI and waypoint icons disappeared.

Previous Beta Release

Version 4.1.10, Wednesday 7th August:

  • Fix for problem which caused a crash on start up for some people.
  • Fix for a problem where POI and waypoint icons disappeared.

Please see the past beta releases page for the history of previous beta releases.