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7.3. Create saved maps (automatically cache online maps)

Online maps can be saved as user defined areas at the required zoom layer levels.

Select Online map and Scale

You can select the map from Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, MY MAPS tab (rigth hand tab), scroll down to Online maps, select the map and Open.

Pre-download and manage areas of online maps while you are viewing an online map layer, zoom out and pan the map to the area you are interested in.  Press Map Options button in the top rigth of the map screen and Downlaod a Custom Offile Area.

Select the Map scale required from the preset option Detailed or Regional. Detailed is more detailed but takes longer to download and takes up more memory card space.

(Note: some online maps will not have this feature enabled)

Select tiles

Select tiles

The grid will enable you to choose single tiles or multiple tiles by dragging an area on the screen. If you drag from a grid tile that is unselected, then you select adjacent tiles. If you drag from a grid tile that is currently selected, then you will deselect adjacent tiles. Once you are satisfied with the selection then press the green-tick button. This will download and save the map area for later off line use.



Definitions of the user selected grid-tiles are saved along with the corresponding min/max zoom levels. During the download, if you decide to cancel, then you are given the option to save the created area for downloading at a later stage.

Grid display

Grid display

Partially downloaded map areas are indicated on the grid as grey sections. Fully downloaded map areas are indicated as green shaded grid sections.

Manage saved maps

My saved maps

Select Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, Online Maps. Online map layers that have been enabled to create saved map areas will display the additional options.
All your saved maps can be managed within the My saved maps section. Any partially downloaded areas will be listed and indicated in red.


The details page of an individual saved map has a number of useful options:

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