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8.3. Save for offline use (automatically cache online maps)

Select online map and scale

Select scale

You can select the online map from the Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, MY MAPS tab (right hand tab), Online maps.

Pre-download and manage areas of online maps using the Save for Offline use.

While you are viewing an online map layer, zoom out and pan the map to the area you are interested in. Press layer button in the top right, Download a Custom Offline Area.

Select the Map scale required from the preset option Detailed or Regional. Detailed is more detailed but takes longer to download and takes up more space.

Select tiles

Select tiles to download

Select the tiles required. The more tiles you select the bigger the download will be. A running total appears above the map. Once you have select the tiles required press Download.

Name map

Give it a name

Name the map to make it easy to select the map later from the My Saved Regions list and press Save. A dialogue will indicate progress. You may Cancel the download and Finish download later.
Once the download is complete, you will be able to view the area, at various zoom levels, while offline.

View / Refresh / Delete map

View map

To view an area of pre-downloaded online map, from Menu tab (in green bar), My Maps, On device tab and find and open it from the list.
To finish the download of a selected area you cancelled during download, under Menu tab (in green bar), My Maps, On device tab, select the map.
To refresh a map, to get the latest maps from the server, use Get Lastest Map Data.
To delete a selected area, select the map and tap Delete from Account.


The cached maps are stored in the cache folder inside the ViewRanger maps folder.
To configure the map storage location, tap the Menu tab (in green bar) Settings, Storage, Maps folder.

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