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8.2. Premium Online maps

Unlimited access to online topographic mapping is now available for the following countries.

Limited access to online topographic mapping is now available for the following countries.

Once purchased for your device, these maps can also be viewed and used online for trip planning at My.ViewRanger.com
These map layers are streamed from the Internet but can be saved for offline usage, using the layer button in the top right.


 Either USGS topo style...  or a shaded terrain style.

Belgium and France

 Belgium  France




Activating the Premium Online Maps

NOTE: The US app edition already has the US map online layers so does not require activation.
First you need to make an in-app purchase of the Premium online map for the required country using the Menu tab (in green bar) Map shop and select the map you'd like to purchase. Once purchased the map will then activate automatically.
NOTE: If you have received a serial number it needs to be activated from the Menu tab (in green bar), Help and feedback, Activate or at My.ViewRanger.com
After activating, go to Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, Online maps. Let the list update, then select the new map from the list.

Save for offline use

Select tiles to download

Online maps are streamed from the Internet and saved onto the device.
Online maps can now be saved as user defined areas at the required zoom layer levels. Once created, they can be accessed from the My saved maps.
To save maps for offline use press layer button in the top right, save for offline use.
The grid will enable you to choose single tiles or multiple tiles by dragging an area on the screen. Once you are satisfied with the selection then press the Download button. This will download and save the map area for later off line use.

Altitude data

Altitude data will download automatically but it can be downloaded manually from the Menu tab (in green bar), Map shop and then select the countries required and look for the Altitude data files. These are free to download.
Enables altitude map display, route and track statistics and graphs.
For example from the Profile tab (in green bar), swipe to your Track list and select one, then view the Height tab to view the altitude data from the altitude files you have downloaded.

How to cancel subscription renewals

Recurring subscriptions can be cancelled using these instructions.

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