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9.3. Download two free premium map tiles with our two-tile-trial

You can download trial maps from within ViewRanger. These files can be several megabytes in size, so either use a wifi connection or check your data tariff. ViewRanger will tell you the size of a download before it starts, allowing you to cancel.

View List of Available Downloads

 Downloads for Great Britain

To see the list of maps to download go to the menu (in the top bar), and then go into the Map Shop.

ViewRanger will connect to the Internet to update the list.

The downloads list is split into individual countries and each country has a list of layers. To list the maps and data available for a country, press the country.

Download an Overview Map

Some items are free to download - for example the Overview maps and nature reserve POIs (points of interest) shown in the picture above.

To download one of these tap and choose Download. You can download as many or as few of these as you wish.

To view an item once it is downloaded choose View.

 Size and price Progress during download

Two tile trial

The detailed colour maps, such as those at 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scale, are split into tiles. These tiles are normally downloaded from the map view, so that you can see and choose which tile you are going to download. The detailed maps are normally charged for, but you can download two tiles of one of these maps for free to try out ViewRanger. The two tiles can be for any country that has over the air mapping available and can be at any supported scale.

There are three ways to choose the tiles:

Tile trial from overview map

To do this:

 Choose the grid scale The grid over a ref map
Zoom in on tile Turn download grid off



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